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Is it safe to check your email on a public WiFi?

By: Jesson Yew - 2018-12-19

The answer is yes and no. For example, yes if you are using gmail, you will be using https and the data is encrypted. You can even use 2 factor authorization for added security where you will need to use your smartphone to get code for security check. On top of that, you might want to connect though a proxy via VPN. Kaspersky offer a free version of VPN service called Kaspersky Secure Connection with 200MB daily limit. You can download it here.

That being said, checking your email via a public WiFi is okay but I won't be doing any online banking or anything similar.

One reason why it is unsafe is because for example you're in KFC and they offer public Wi-Fi where you need password to access. Let's say they use KFC Wi-Fi as their SSID and then there is this person there who created a Wi-Fi network with the name (SSID) KFC Free Wi-Fi. So now there is KFC WiFi and KFC Free WiFi. Then you accidentally connect to KFC Free WiFi which is not the official WiFi provided by KFC, in another words, a fake WiFi and a trap. There is a possiblity that the person can sniff your data this way.

In conclusion, connect to the right SSID and try not to do any data sensitive transaction over public Wi-Fi to be safe, better be safe then sorry right?