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L-O-V-E, Dating tips

Posted by: Jesson Yew | Posted on: 03/02/2018 | Last updated: 03/02/2018

If you have been seeing a girl and you like her. If she like rock music, you can try to pull this trick on her. Cheesy but could work, never tested it yet. This is how it works, get a headphone or earphone, a music app like deezer. Set the gear up on her ears. Ask her to listen to Nat King Cole L-O-V-E, tell her that is how you feel about her. Then tell her that is the feeling that you had when you met her and now this is how you really feel, play her L-O-V-E by Divided By Friday. This version is intense and could work on an emotional level by making the lyrics more meaningful.

Send me a message if this works. Would love to hear how it workout for you.

A game of snooker

Posted by: Jesson Yew | Posted on: 02/02/2018 | Last updated: 02/02/2018

Finding meanings in ordinary or extra ordinary things in life. Life gets more interesting when you try it for yourself. Before I begin, I would like to start of by saying that what I'm about to write is wrong interpretation. Take it with a grain of salt or 50/50, believe in it 50% and don't belive in it 50%. Keep this in mind for every single post in this blog.

Today, I'm going to write about snooker and how it relate to the life that we live in. Most of it is just my own personal theory coming from my general knowledge.

If you don't play snooker, then you won't be able to relate. Just ignore this post or try snooker yourself for once. Now, what is so special about snooker? There is colors, different point for each colored ball and it require great skills to get good at.

The first ball that you need to pot into the pocket is red and equal to 1 point. The first thing that came to my mind that is red and great is a Ferrari car. Now why must we pot this first. Let me explain...

Anyone who can afford a Ferrari car, if they were not to purchase the car, they could use the money to help those in need like hunger and famine, at this age, there shouldn't even be hunger. Hunger is the new pain! Keeping this in mind, what would happen to the world if everyone choose to help those in need and forego the Ferrari. A better world isn't it.

Now next after red is yellow which equal 2 points. Rotate y in yellow so that it become h and you get hellow. Now you find hell. Don't be afraid. Why I think we need to pot this ball is to make hell non existent. Therefore only heaven exist. I don't know how you want to interepret this, maybe I'm too positive. There are people out there who wishes that there is hell so that the bad people can go due to some reason. I understand why but I won't debate on this. It is up to you. I always believe in environmental factors.

Next after yellow is green. Green in mandarin is qing which sounded like chink. Some western people call chinese chink. Sort of an insult. Anyway, it can also sound like kaching as in money. In this context, I say we should stop stereo typing people, judge them by their race or look. Stop with the name calling or insult that could hurt a person.

There's more... I will write more when I get more inspiration. As of now, if you play snooker, try and find out your own logic. I'll get a photo for a game of snooker one day and update this post.

All blog and no talk makes this website dull. Please send me a message.