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ABOUT Jesson, the man behind RAZORBYTES

Jesson is a person with multiple personality. He has transformed from one personality to another personality towards his life. Hence, in another words, he is still finding himself. Career wise, he is trying to make a living out of building websites for friends and anyone who wish for a successful website. He's been trying to turn it into a career for more than 5 years. He did not achieve any result so far due to a bad start and the amount of obstacles that he has to overcome. It ain't easy when you lack experience and skills required to build a successful website, being skillful, dynamic and knowledgeable is a pre-requisite for this to work.

And that's me trying to narrate about myself as another person. I'm not but I like to see myself as a diamond in the rough, a bit of polishing will hopefully yield some good results. I'm the type of person who don't give up easily on things that matter to me. I of course is not you and what matter to me might not matter to you. It's just like website design or any kind of design. Design is really... actually subjective, in layman terms, what you find nice, I could find ugly and what you call beautiful I will say not. It's based on a person's past experiences and how they relate with what they already know or feel about something. Another good example is computer mouse, most mouses are for right hander, left handed people will have to learn how to use the mouse with their right hand due to the left and right clicking buttons. This of course, depending on the hardware or operating system, can be switched. Usability is important in all aspect of a website. It has to be easy to use and intuitive, meaning a good website will make it easy for you to know how to use the website functions, for example navigating from pages to pages, you don't want to waste 5 minutes of your time on a website just having to learn how to go to another page.

Now let's not get side tracked into talking about website or design.
*Action* Jesson re-adjust the spotlight towards himself.

Appearance wise, I may look young, dress shabbily, not really much of an eye candy. However I'm actually in my thirties. Some say people are like wine, the older you get the better you taste. *Lick myself...* If you say salty is good, then they are right. However, I beg to differ, I don't think I tasted better over time. Jokes aside, I dislike working in the corporate world where you have to punch in and punch out every working day. I'm inefficient and inflexible to such rigid system. I know because I used to work in a small department of a large organization. Corporate life is just not for me.

Up to this point of my writings, I think you might find that I'm work centered. You're right. I am. I'm really trying to build a career at this point in time. Having not many successes in life. Anyway, I like to think that I'm hustling yet I'm not a hustler. Not up to that level yet. By the way, I'm living in Kota Kinabalu. People call it land below the wind. There's a variety of people with different races and ethnics living here in this city.

I have experience a few love relationships, didn't work out as planned. Wait, is there even a plan? As of today, I don't think I have the quality of a family man. Don't let the thought of me being a father cross your mind. Maybe tomorrow I'll learn to be a person of such quality. As for now, I'll keep that thought to myself. Now, by telling you all that, how do you define me? If you tell me what you think about me, it's possible for me to know what you are like and maybe I might be able to understand a little of your past experiences. If you say that I should continue working in the corporate world, it could show that job security is important to you. This might or might not be true, I will have to know you better before making any assumption. Your website should represent this kind of logic, you must know your audience well before ordering a website with a website developer. You must know what your customer is like if you're trying to sell to them. Got to know their needs. That's what marketing is about, fulfiling needs and not really about selling. We can take this information and apply it to your website. Then again, this takes time and effort and might not apply to every businesses and is optional, however, having such information or knowledge will give you the upper hand if you have many competitors.

Having the best looking website is really unnecessary for most. Have a look at some of the successful brands corporate or business website. Can you tell me who has the best looking website? They look almost identical from my perspective. This is because web technologies has standards and there is actually a limit on how your website can look like. For example, there is grid layout, where content is separated in grids. There's one page layout where all content of the website is located in a single page and then there's fluid layout where the content is positioned and adjusted according to your browser viewing screen size. There's many more but not that many. Sure, you can try to be creative and be eccentric and come out with something out of this world. However, will your user be able to comprehend? Will they find it easy to use if they are used to browsing a website in a certain ways? I say, know the people who use your website and build from there.

I don't claim to be a website expert and I won't say that I'm any better than any local website developer. I'm just an entry-level website builder. If I'm not that good in building websites, then what is my unique selling point you may ask? It's you and I because as I grow and get knowledgeable about building websites, learning web technologies and learning about improving businesses. I will try and apply that to you, your website and your business. And why you too are my unique selling point? That's because after completing your website and if it is successful, I can showcase it on my website, use it as a reference for my target market and most importantly, get referral from you if I did a good job.

*Paused and take a breath...*

By now, you might think that I'm very passionate about website building and you will think that when you actually see me, all I'm going to talk about is websites. Take that thoughts and throw it away because I won't bore you with what you don't need to know.

To be continued...


In his teenage years, he loves skateboarding. He will skate with his buddies almost everyday after school. That had kept him healthy, sociable and also for his outlet for creativity, anger and frustration while growing up. He paused skating during his tertiary education and working years, not that he quit skating, it's just that he spent more time exploring on adulthood and life after school. Now, he regrets not continuing skating, as of now, he loss most of his skating skills. Can he make a living out of skateboarding, if you want to view skateboarding as a career, then he'll say he won't make it big in Malaysia. He's not actually that good that he can make a living out of it. However, he did get an opportunity to be in a print job once. That's about it and Kieron Brodie did asked him to email him on joining his team when he is out searching for skateboarder to join his team. The email did not get through and it didn't get anywhere.

To be continued...

You are an individual. Don't let me treat you like you're the same as everyone.